The Multi-level Eyelash Extension

  • on 2016-08-23
  • by Grace

After you have your lashes done by a professional lasher, how often do you go back for the patching? three weeks, a month?!

With the Multi-Level Eyelash Extension -

It’s a lash extension technique based on our true eyelash and it presents not only the smooth but a multi-level perfect proportion with different curls and thickness lashes! Because the multi-level itself is specific designed for each person’s unique state… make the creation more unique and alive!

No matter different ages, men and women, and different races, our primary true eyelashes, are in a natural multi-level but all aren’t in the same length. Therefore, even if they grow and metabolism day and night – it’s not obvious!


the photo come from arteyelash


With the Multi-level extension curl and length flexible one lash extension applied to one natural lash, giving you a stunning everyday wake up in your make-up look. Even though with one-on-one lash extension, we use various lengths, curls, and thickness to custom create your needs and desires.

Just like the natural lash has different length and curl, with the most soft and thin lashes that will make the look softer and more natural yet fuller with variety of volume. From a regular mascara look you can now create the look you wish for.

Great for people with very fine and thin lashes to someone with healthy and natural lashes. You can really get the volume you need plus these voluminous lashes last much longer than the classic lash extensions.

The biggest advantages in multi-level eyelash extension are:

Shedding is not too obvious – it can maintain a long time back patching

Perfect proportion – shows natural volume and fluffy feelings

Fuller and natural looks can be achieved by applying more lashes. More lashes can also mean better longevity. Do not think this is the length of the thick curling cross, cos it’s hard to maintain a classic daily look as our lash falls on the daily basis.




Multi-level lash extension

❤ Shedding is not too obvious

❤ Shaping is designed by the Golden-ratio

❤ On-on-one lash extension

❤ Natural eyeliner

❤ will not damage the natural lash

❤ needs to have more natural healthy lashes to start with

❤ needs the trained lashers cos it takes longer time with shaping

❤ attractive look it’s not easy to construct

❤ Not easy to rule since it’s based on the natural lashes

Classic Volume extension

❤ the lashes all have the same length

❤full look can be easily create

❤ it only needs basic skills


❤when the lash falls there will be empty feeling

❤ doesn’t have the natural soft and fluffy look

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